The Mechanism Launches New Brand Identity and Website for Redd Creations

New York, N.Y., May 6, 2008 — theMechanism, a multi-disciplinary design agency with offices in New York and London, announces the launch of a new brand identity and Website for Redd Creations, a music and sound design production studio based in London that provides comprehensive studio recording and composition as well as sound to picture services for emerging bands and individual artists.

“When the decision was made to break out on our own, we were cautiously optimistic about what the future had in store for us,” said Sam Doha, founder and executive producer of Redd Creations. “One of our first priorities was to find an agency that could help with name generation and craft a visual landscape for the new company. In our work with theMechanism, we were looked after every step of the way and are delighted with the results of our creative partnership.”

“With Redd Creations poised to take the next steps in their evolution, we look forward to our continued collaboration and will be releasing additional components of the brand platform throughout the year,” said Anthony Shafto, managing director at theMechanism’s London office.

Touching all aspects of the brand, theMechanism developed the visual identity, tone of voice, communications and helped with name generation. Redd is derived from the Old English words: rædan “to arrange” and is related to geræde, the source of “ready.” The resulting look is striking and based on the visual representation of sound waves which are arranged to be complementary. “There’s quite a lot of tension in the look and feel, but the design system is extremely flexible and, especially when animated, very memorable,” said Shafto.

theMechanism also designed, developed and launched Redd Creations’ new Website which features examples of work the studio has produced for albums, brand identities, digital media, gaming productions and movie soundtracks. The Website features custom built sound visualization software that can be seen at:


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