The Mechanism and Good Kid New Media Form Strategic Alliance to Enhance Creative Service Offering

NEW YORK, NY—June 3, 2008—theMechanism, a multi-disciplinary design agency with offices in New York and London, today announced their strategic alliance with Durban, South Africa-based agency Good Kid New Media. The alliance will allow both companies to enhance their service offering, pursue growth opportunities, expand geographic reach and reduce costs.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Good Kid New Media on many projects—all of which have resulted in our developing Adobe Flash-based Web sites and Web applications of the highest standard,” said Anthony Shafto, managing director, theMechanism – London. “Knowing we have Good Kid New Media as a resource has enabled us to respond to our clients’ needs with greater innovation and efficiency.”

“By combining our advanced skills in Adobe Flash and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) with theMechanism’s interface design and development skills, we will be able to offer our clients a wider range of services. The alliance between theMechanism and Good Kid New Media evolved from our shared commitment to deliver Web sites and Web applications that are visually rich, highly functional and encourage user interaction that is experienced as unique and useful. We look forward to a successful future together,” added Good Kid New Media co-founders Grant Bresler and GianPiero Bresolin.

Overview of the Alliance

—Good Kid New Media will be theMechanism’s partner for developing advanced Adobe Flash and Adobe Integrated Air (AIR) Web, desktop and mobile applications.

—theMechanism and Good Kid New Media will cross-license intellectual property and deploy the other’s technologies and know-how in their client solutions.

—The two companies will invest in marketing, business development and recruiting new talent.

—Good Kid New Media will be theMechanism’s representative agency for all client work sourced in South Africa.

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