Educational Resource Systems (ERS)

Michael Castellana

Production Manager | Graphic Designer, Educational Resource Systems (ERS)

“A few months ago, my department at ERS was short staffed and I needed an editor in a pinch. Sharon was referred to me with very high recommendations and joined our medical sales training company as a freelance editor/proofreader. Her strong editing skills, attention to detail, and willingness to learn and take on other responsibilities, prove that her skills are priceless and her dedication is countless. Her “can do” attitude and amiable disposition are infectious and really make all the difference when we are up against hard deadlines. From an editing point of view, she has been an asset worth a thousand words.” August 1, 2010


William Murray

President and Chief Operating Officer, Public Relations Society of America

“I’ve worked with Sharon over the past 3.5 years, during which she was a highly valued member of our team. Sharon is creative, detail oriented, and can execute very well under intense pressure. Bottom line, she is a talented professional who can contribute to a project in any number of ways, and we were fortunate to have the benefit of her skills.” April 2, 2010

Barb McDonald

Vice President, Marketing, Public Relations Society of America

“Sharon always takes a project to the next level. She does great research, understands the sophisticated nuances of the audience and subject matter, and produces copy that is entertaining, influencing and accessible.” March 26, 2010

James Abel

Marketing Communication Manager, Professional Interest Sections, The Public Relations Society of America

“Aside from being a creative, sharp-witted copywriter and attentive editor, I think Sharon’s greatest quality is her approachability. Despite being faced with daily deadline pressure from multiple major revenue projects, Sharon always kept a smile on her face and found the time to be a friendly, helpful resource to her fellow staff members. I think we all got a sense that she truly loved what she did. I had the pleasure of serving as an editor with Sharon on PRSA’s Core Communications review team, and often came to her for valuable writing and editing advice that helped my career. I would love to work with her again one day.” April 26, 2010

Richard Spector

Manager of Client Services, The Public Relations Society of America

“I had the pleasure of working with Sharon for approximately 3 years. She was tremendous in writing exhibitor copy for our Annual Conference Brochure. When we needed to develop promotional and web copy for PRSA Jobcenter, Sharon wordsmithed the promotions beautifully – while keeping our use of SEO keywords in tact. Her proofing and creative skills are second to none.” April 27, 2010

Jasu Sims

Marketing Coordinator, The Public Relations Society of America

“Sharon is a colleague that I coin to be the “bright-idea team player.” When it comes to piecing together branding strategies and messaging, Sharon is full of creativity. I always enjoy brainstorming sessions with her as she really thinks outside the box and always introduces me to new tactics in problem-solving and efficiency. And what’s more is that she brings pleasant energy to any working group and is proactive in assisting where she can to succeed group/solo tasks.” May 3, 2010

Astron Solutions

Jennifer Loftus

Owner, Astron Solutions

“Sharon was Astron’s Writer / Marketing Specialist from 2004 – 2006. She was a pleasure to work with. Sharon has an eye for detail and a love of words! Her writing is clear and to the point, making effective use of limited space. Sharon is cognizant of deadlines and does not wait until the last minute to provide deliverables. She eagerly explores new avenues for effectively “getting the word out” on a limited budget. Sharon started our corporate blog, when blogs were brand new and largely unheard of! We are thankful for the contributions Sharon made to Astron – many of which we continue to use today – and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.” April 2, 2010

Michael Maciekowich

National Director, Astron Solutions

“Sharon was an important member of the Astron Solutions team. Her expertise in marketing and public relations, coupled with her artistic skills, allowed Astron Solutions to expand its reach in the various markets we were attempting to penetrate. Because of her efforts, Astron Solutions’ brand became more widely known thus enhancing our market share. I would personally recommend Sharon for any and all of your marketing and public relations needs.” March 26, 2010

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Barbara Ettington

Former Director of Communications, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

“Sharon’s professional and personal insight of what is important to the target market makes her public relations work exceptional. She can skillfully find the core information, craft the right message and efficiently reach the target. I strongly recommend making Sharon part of your team.” March 26, 2010

Joan Yurman

Principal, Marketing Pro Resources, Inc.

“As a professional recruiter, I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon on many occasions for over ten years. I placed Sharon into a variety of freelance and permanent jobs. In addition to being a very talented writer, Sharon is professional, creative, strategic and able to provide targeted copy. She delivers a quality product each time. Clients from many different industries gave her positive reviews and requested Sharon for a multitude of diverse projects.” April 29, 2010

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